Economic Consulting Services, LLC

Business Valuation

The valuation of a business or asset may be required in connection with estate and income tax matters, mergers and acquisitions, commercial damages litigation, or other matters.

ECS staff members are experts in performing business valuations and in estimating commercial or personal damages. In addition to employing standard accounting and business valuation skills, ECS uses its expertise in technical finance, statistics, and economics to conduct valuations that meet its clients’ unique needs and satisfy the highest standards of professional appraisal practice. ECS personnel have published articles on valuation procedures and made presentations on valuation practices to the IRS and professional groups.

Working on behalf of companies and estates, ECS has performed valuation services ranging from major projects for Fortune 50 firms to smaller engagements for family-owned businesses.

In an estate tax matter, ECS valued a large, privately held firm owning numerous foreign entities in the food processing, wholesale, and retail industries. The valuation addressed significant issues regarding marketability and "key-man" adjustments.

In an estate tax matter, ECS valued the limited convertible preferred stock held in a major foreign pharmaceutical corporation. The convertibility option was valued using the Black-Scholes pricing model.

In a dispute between the U.S. and foreign parties to a joint venture in the petrochemical industry, ECS prepared an analysis addressing the economic aspects of liability and damages. The assignment required a detailed analysis of complex international pricing data and a complex capital budgeting cash flow model to determine the venture’s expected level of profitability.

In a tax matter concerning a large apparel company, ECS valued the intangible assets employed in producing and marketing the firm’s products.

In a tax matter related to a corporate acquisition, ECS prepared a valuation of the merchandise inventory of a large retail firm.

In connection with a cable television company, ECS used a discounted cash flow approach to determine the value of subordinated partners’ shares.



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