Data Resources - Economic Trends

The Wage Trend Indicator

The Wage Trend Indicator (WTI) is produced monthly by ECS and published by the Bureau of National Affairs. Click here [INSERT LINK to] to view the most current Wage Trend Indicator.

The WTI is designed to predict the acceleration and declination of U.S. private industry wage trends and is based on a concept originally developed by Joel Popkin and Company.

The CPI's Future

The CPI's Future is a joint product of ECS and Joel Popkin and Company. It provides a brief monthly overview of economic conditions and a forecast of the Consumer Price Index. Click here [INSERT LINK to Kathryn Kobe's e-mail address] to request a copy of the latest version of The CPI's Future via e-mail. (Please be sure to type "The CPI's Future" in the subject line of your e-mail message.)

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