Economic Consulting Services, LLC

Professional Staff

Mark Love

Senior Vice President

Through his participation in trade litigation for more than thirty years, Mr. Love has wide-ranging knowledge of international trade and trade policy, market and industry analysis, economic theory, and econometric analysis. His specialized product and industry expertise includes agricultural commodities, consumer products, and industries in the manufacturing sector ranging from textiles to manufactured capital products to semiconductors. In litigation work, Mr. Love participates directly in developing case strategy, participation in negotiations, and the application of economic theory and specialized econometric modeling. In addition to private sector work, Mr. Love has been a project coordinator for major studies for the U.S. Government on trade barriers affecting high-technology U.S. industries. His current writings focus on the domestic and international forces affecting the evolution of U.S trade policy.

Mr. Love earned his Bachelor’s degree from Haverford College and his Master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.