Data-Only Services

In many transfer pricing cases, particularly in CPM analyses, taxpayers may wish to assemble their own documentation, but need assistance in collecting and using third party data. ECS has access to proprietary databases and computational tools needed to provide such data quickly and economically.


ECS offers a proprietary service, BenchmarkCPM©, under which it will search for third party comparables and calculate frequently used financial ratios based on search parameters established by the client. Tax advisors can use this ECS service by providing whatever information they consider relevant for determining comparability, with or without disclosing the identity of their client. The schedules that ECS delivers under this service do not constitute an ECS opinion on the choice of methods or characterization of the tested party, but do have the same rigorous attention to computational accuracy and thoroughness of documentation as ECS’ full reports. This product can be used to assess examination risk, or can be combined with the client’s own descriptions and explanation of the choice of method to produce the transfer pricing documentation required by the U.S. and other countries.

  • ECS has provided clients with financial data on comparable companies that the clients used in preparing Mexican documentation.
  • For one client, ECS prepared financial data on comparable companies that the client used in negotiating an APA with Australian authorities.

License Agreement Searches

ECS has developed systematic procedures for searching for license agreements that are available in the public domain, either as attachments to SEC filings or through information contained on various Web sites. In addition, ECS has developed a proprietary database of more than 1,000 licensing agreements.

ECS will conduct a search for agreements for specified types of agreements based on information provided by its clients. As in the case of BenchmarkCPM©, ECS is willing to carry out such a search on a data-only basis for a fixed price.

Sample reports showing the specific output that can be expected from BenchmarkCPM© and ECS’ License Agreement Searches are available upon request.

Relevant ECS Professionals

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