U.S. Countervailing Duty Assessments:

In general, the DOC imposes a countervailing duty ("CVD") when imports benefiting from a foreign government subsidy cause or threaten to cause material injury to a competing U.S. industry. As with antidumping cases, ECS assists petitioners and respondents in CVD cases, for example, by preparing submissions to the DOC that assess the presence and magnitude of subsidy benefits to particular U.S. imports. The outcome of a CVD dispute often turns on complex financial analysis, particularly with regard to the creditworthiness and cost of capital to foreign firms alleged to have benefited from government subsidies. ECS has the financial and accounting expertise to analyze such issues and prepare effective submissions to the DOC.

Relevant ECS Professionals - U.S. CVD Assessments:

Maarten van de Geijn [bio ][email]
John Derrick [bio ][email]
Yung Lee [bio ][email]

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